Special Finishes

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For those inspired to create, color is power. Like a coveted piece of artwork, color speaks to the soul in a thousand different ways. It awakens and inspires. Whether you’re designing a chic retail store, an upscale restaurant, or a trendy boutique hotel, our Touch of Color architectural-finished lever handles provide subtle splashes of color in unexpected places to add timeless detail to your space. And, because your vision knows no bounds, you’re not restricted to a standard color palette. Our experts can coordinate with any color in the spectrum. Come. Explore your color options.

Powder Coating

Add a pop of color to your hardware with special powder coating. Pick a color out of a crayon box, select a fabric swatch or wall paint, and we’ll match it. Powder coating is a durable and cost effective option to accentuate your space.


This traditional architectural finishing process uses electric current to form a thin metal coating over substrates such as brass, bronze, or stainless steel. Inquire about other electroplated finishes not listed in our current offering.